How to Handle CONFLICT

Spot It

Conflict happens. Spotting it is essential, and it’s not always obvious. But when you instantly spot it, you’ve set yourself up to Win the Moment — opening the door to a grand

Flip It

Does your first reaction come from anger or fear? When you learn to flip a disrespect, you rob disrespect of its power & automatically invite allies.

Stick the Landing

You Stick the Landing by granting dignity, the prerogative of royalty.

When you do, others cannot help but admire you. Respect you. Connect with you.

Winning Formula

Do you feel shocked by bad behavior … or unwarranted words? Perhaps bewildered, frustrated or angry that someone could do (or say) such a thing? Do you wonder “what could that so-&-so be thinking?!” … all the while sure that it can’t be good? 

Do you blame or shame the conflict-initiating person, or want to? Do you wonder why on-lookers didn’t help out? Do you catch yourself blaming yourself for having frozen, or for feeling shocked … or for not having “handled it”? 

Do you feel frustrated (or mad all over again), when minutes or even hours after an insult or inappropriate remark … you still find yourself replaying the incident over & over again? Not enjoying your evening? Complaining (or even snapping) at a friend or loved-one? Tossing, turning, hardly sleeping?