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Talk Titles & Engaged Learning 

“5 Steps to Your Powerful ASK
Get the Results You Want without Being Pushy or Bossy

  • How get clear on your success criteria
  • It’s not about the task … it’s about the NOBLE idea (especially for Millennials!)
  • Get clear on the important details
  • Two Steps to Make a Powerful ASK that lands!
  • And most important, how to Follow up in a way that doesn’t feels pushy or bossy, so others want to deliver and have fun doing it With YOU!

“All the Energy You Need to Lead”
Goodbye Pain, Hello Health 

  • What Saps Your Energy  and What to Do About it
  • Are You Accidentally Overloading Your Body’s “Take Out the Trash” Systems?  
  • The 3 Things That Drain Your Energy Trigger Your Body to Self-Attack
  • The #1 Thing to Notice so You Can Get Your Energy Back
  • How to Get the Allies Who Help You Keep it Going!

For busy executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who want more.

Dorothy entertains, educates and empowers your group with on-point, fun and fact-based stories so you and your team get simple, no-cost skills you can use right away.

It’s a disservice to let your team or tribe walk away without securing the benefit of the future they can have because of you!

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Author Dorothy Kuhn, former ‘geekess’, used her skills to learn to relax, get funny and get the results she’d dreamed to achieve. She’s the author of Automating Systems Engineering, Lessons Learned as an industry author, and co-author of two industry standards* in systems engineering and other industry papers.
She’s co-authored empowerment titles including Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers and Voyage to Your Vision.
* Industry standards in Systems Engineering published by Carnegie Mellon University in conjunction with the U. S. Department of Defense.

Click here to book Dorothy today!  It’s a disservice to let your team or your tribe walk away without securing the benefit of the future they can have because of you. Give them what they need to say “YES!” and standout to lead.

Dorothy speaks for rooms of 50 to 500 or more executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, community leaders.

She’s a guest expert on TV, international radio, and podcasts. Dorothy helps executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to stand out, step up and move up, while keeping your integrity. People who want to lead with love, served by powerful presence. People who want to inspire action and get great results.

Dorothy was great to work with! She sent everything I needed, showed up early & fully prepared. She wowed, educated and entertained our executives & professionals. Book Dorothy now — while you can!

Norma Hutchins

Meeting Planner, Project Manager, JLL, Commercial Real Estate Services

Dorothy is great to work with! Everything came pronto. Our attendees loved her insight, humor and practical teachings they used right away. She even stepped up when another speaker didn’t arrive.

Getrude Matshe

Meeting Planner, International Speaker, Author & Film Maker, MRNZ Ltd

Thank you again! You’re so easy to work with & delivered on every promise. Entertaining and packed with information. I have gotten very good feedback! It was a pleasure.

Marilyn Gonsiorek

Meeting Planner, Insurance Professional

Everything I needed came right away! You have performed a great service in the information you convey.

James Runzheimer

Meeting Planner & Attorney , Runzheimer Law

Thanks for getting me your info so quickly, Dorothy! You’re an energetic speaker with a fascinating topic.

Janelle Kavanaugh

Meeting Planner

See more on Dorothy’s YouTube Channel:

Take Me There!

Introducing Dorothy Kuhn:

Dorothy grew up a mystical Christian kid, running around the woods with her little brothers and the neighbor kids. So fascinated with how cool God made the world, she had to learn all about it. Studied science.

She graduated in Physics and Math, won her first professional position knowing more quantum mechanics than anyone else. 

Early in her corporate career, Dorothy struggled to lead in a way that others wanted to follow – in spite of her solid education and smart, friendly ways. It mystified and frustrated her and her managers, who saw potential. What was the problem?!

Her background in science, church and community service, plus her eye for patterns and love of simple solutions opened the door. Her access to top experts? Invaluable.

She was honored to be Texas Instruments’ representative to Carnegie Mellon University, where she co-authored the industry standard in Systems Engineering with the Department of Defense, and served as Product Manager for its assessment method. Back at Texas Instruments, she spearheaded the turn-around of select military projects, leading with focus, purpose and fun. From there she led national and international teams at Fortune 50 companies, plus turn-around consulting at privately held firms.

Her community service includes chairing Christian Education at her Methodist church, chairing the Sesquicentennial Commission for her city, where she also served as Planning and Zoning Commissioner. For her county, she served as Party Vice Chair. She’s proudest of her two grown children, loving and savvy.

When health issues began sapping her energy, focus and memory, she found her productivity and fun fading. Without pills, Dorothy found a wellness way to feel better, remember and focus again and “capture the thin within.” She wakes up every day feeling half her age.

Click here to book Dorothy to inspire, educate, entertain and empower your group.

Every time I get on the phone with Dorothy, I transform. She is a master at meeting me where I am and guiding me to step onto the next level or 5!

Elaine Williams

Event Planner, Speaker, Trainer, Elaine Williams Company

“I only had a vague idea of what I wanted from life, but by working with Dorothy, I now know exactly what I want to do and the steps I must take in order to have the life I had only dreamed of before! And the health part was great. I feel better, mentally & physically. More like myself, more positive, more optimistic. My neighbor even said “you look slimmer!”

Terri Wilson

Educator & Adventurer

“Before coaching sessions with Dorothy I was frozen. I didn’t want to make the wrong business move. Now I feel so confident to make Bold and Brave moves. Dorothy’s Leadership program truly brings out leadership qualities I didn’t know I had.”

Andrea Langham

Entrepreneur & Speaker | Australia

I ran for District Judge for progressive reasons. Dorothy helped me and my staff turn passion into powerful progressive value messages that helped bring more money into my campaign than any progressive candidate in over 20 years.

Evan Stone

Attorney & Candidate

My special needs son inspired me to run for the Texas House. With Dorothy’s help I honed my message and got effective in front of a crowd and a camera. My opponent told me I was the only progressive opponent she’d ever respected.

Emy Lyons

Nurse & Candidate