3 Tips to Connect, Get Confidence & Clarity

The game of social power is best played with fun, love and connection. Who’s up, who’s down. Who’s in, who’s out. Can you share the power? If you don’t believe it, just watch pets connect and play  (ok .. that just made me laugh out loud). Bonus: When you’re doing this, drop the judgment part — it’ll be your secret sauce!

The point is: You have skill. It’s innate, even if rusty. So if you’re like many of us, there’s more to be had. 

You’re at the store. Pull out your inner puppy. It’s time to connect & play.

I love sharing this article by the brilliant Kio Stark, because to blow it up business-wise this year, you’ll want to connect more. Kio’s an author, speaker, expert on stranger interactions, independent learning, and how people relate to technology.

Here’s my 3 Top Favorite Tips to Connect, Build Confidence and Clarity —

  • Each week, set your intention to talk (with NO apology) with 3-to-5 people you ‘bump into’, but yet don’t know. And to be clear, you may never see them again. Who knows, but..
  • Smile and Look this human being In The Eyes! Keep it BRIEF, as in 2-to-3 seconds. Congrats, you engaged them!
  • Ask them “how’re you doing?” … take a breath .. and move on

You’re done, you’re safe, and you didn’t hang around, which would be weird. PLUS, you’ve probably made their day — you have no idea what struggle they’ve had, and being SEEN — it’s a greater help than you may ever know.

“You have no idea how invisible you become when you’re old. THANK YOU!
She was standing in front of me at the pharmacy. It was not only great for her day — for Her. The instant gratification was huge — which totally builds up your connection skill.  Plus greater confidence, and clarity on your boundaries (you did smile and move on, right?).  Powerful.

For longer interactions, such as at a party, networking or mixer, Kio includes ways to wrap-up the interaction while staying human and connected. After all, your point is to build a relationship. That means you CARE about this person. So of course you want the convo to end well, so you can begin again another time.

Get more plus all the juicy details here…

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