4 D’s of Success. Ready for it?!

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Oliver Goldsmith

Every successful person has a story (or stories) of failure. It’s not their fall, but their getting up again, that inspires the human spirit. Honored to be part of…

… this online Success Summit. More honored to be among 14 internationally renowned speakers, who share their stories of falling and getting up again. Each of us shares what drove us to get up and keep going  – to reach outstanding success in our pursuits – with the intent to inspire you to keep going when you’ve fallen down and feel like quitting. These speakers will inspire you to believe that success is possible for you.

Fascinating, this summit’s collection of unique human stories, their definitions of success. All drawn from the same four ingredients that create the Recipe for Success.

What are these four ingredients? To join us at the 4D’s Of Success Summit now! Click Here & Get It! 

We begin OCTOBER 18, 2017. Join TODAY and mark your calendar to catch me Wednesday, October 25th.

PS — Props to our hosts, Neil Thrussell and Jamie Adamchuck for assembling this powerhouse group!

Tony Pennells, Lisa Marie Platske, Teresa de Grosbois, Sean Stephenson, Robert Clancy, (yours truly), Jesus (Jsu) Garcia, Wayne Lee, Dr. John Demartini, Faith Reed, Simon Jordan, Dr. Lin Morel, Dr. Partha Nandi, Jay Fiset

With huge props

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