The 8 Drivers of Your Company’s Value

It was May. The room had been empty, but now teaming. Transformed. We had to do it again.

Back to May, My colleague, friend and fellow Rotarian Jack Kearney stepped to the front. Standing room only. All eyes on him. With a flourish, EVP Chris Jones, a Texas Security Bank co-founder introduced him. And off we went.

The 60+ owners in the room were anxious to know those “8 Drivers” — they’re a competitive bunch, and knowing how other’s measure their mettle? Gold. Every boxed-lunch was gone, with bank employees donating theirs to the overflow crowd. It’s a high-class problem to have.

Which, you might say, is the whole point. Knowing how others see your business and measure your success makes it easier to know you’re on the right track. Or what track to get on.

Jack Kearney at Texas Security Bank’s Business Institute

It’s no surprise that half of the drivers are financially oriented. Numbers don’t lie. And more, they provide the evidence that the other four are working. Company structure, customer satisfaction, even matters of culture. We’re people. It matters.  We’re doing this again. Lewisville de Tejas.

It’s filling up fast. Learn from Jack July 27th at Point Bank, Lewisville, Texas. See you there.

Oh, and the 8 Drivers? Get prepped for Jack’s talk here… The 8 Drivers of Your Company’s Value. One page.


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