Breakthrough Shame: Do you feel shame .. for forgetting?

Breakthrough Shame: Do you feel shame .. for forgetting?

When you think you might have dementia, or know you do, it’s hard to admit. Many feel shame. I know I did!

You wonder…

What will other people think?

Will others judge me?

You doubt yourself. Wonder about your abilities.

It’s hard to admit when you’re not at the top of your game; that you’re struggling. I know. I spent days, weeks, months wondering if this is what getting older meant or something worse… dementia. I worked harder, longer hours just to get the same amount of work done I had previously.

My own shame and fear kept me from getting the help I needed. I wasted too much time letting the fear monster eat away at me and my life. Are you doing the same?

Do you feel shame?

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If you’re feeling shame, I encourage you to take action. Get clarity today and find out if what you are experiencing are normal senior moments… or possibly early signs of dementia. Click here to download my free early warning signs quiz, “Normal Senior Moments or…?”.

Dementia can be turned around. You can be victorious, as I and others have been. Don’t let shame stand in your way of getting help, of regaining your memory, your social life, heck your life back!

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