If it Can Happen to Pat Summitt, Hmmmm…

Alzheimer’s. If you’re like me, you’re saying “Not me!” Quickly followed by “Hmmmmm. What can I do?”

Pat Summitt was the winningest coach in Division I college basketball history – mens and womens both. Long before stepping down, in 2012, she transformed women’s sports. Yesterday she died of Alzheimer’s. For over 115 years, it’s been a disease that takes you on its downward path, no matter your age of ‘onset’.

So glad my path got a bounce-back. A bit like scoring off the backboard.

Honored to have Spoken for These Great Elder Care Givers

It breaks my heart to see good people unaware of what is fully within their power to do.

Honored to be back in McKinney, Texas, sharing Five Secrets to Feeling Half Your Age and remembering it, with these great North Texas caregivers.

These caregivers ask great questions. They see the misery of chronic conditions, including Alzheimer’s. They loved learning there’s something you can do about chronic diseases, including many dementias. It starts with a Complimentary Strategy Session with one of our great coaches, by phone. (You might even get me!) Click here to grab your spot!

Pat Summitt knew what she wanted. She led the Lady Vols to 1,098 victories.  I bet she’s organizing a new team now.

What to YOU want to do?


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