Dad + Garage = Crazy Amazing

The best time to hang out with Dad was … Garage time. As a grown woman, I had to re-learn (on purpose) how important garage time is to a man. But as a kid, I just took it as a given. Garage or yard, he was a master there. Fixing ‘most anything. Good clean fun for him, and good learning and fun for us as kids. Crazy, I know..

Later, when we knew dad was in the grips of dementia, the years-before signs were easy to put together. Looking back in the “rear-view mirror”, we could see times from 5-10 years earlier where he’d started struggling with things that had always been easy for him. Even with garage-stuff, his ‘thinker’ was off. We didn’t then know what that foretold. Loosing brain tissue? Not good.

Dads, stepdads and honorary dads, in honor of You and my perfectly imperfect dad, today’s gift may be the greatest we can give you: Understanding. Ladies, this master teaching point was eye-opening for me and a simple shift into better relationships with the good men in my life. Enjoy!


Alison Armstrong is one of my most cherished mentors. I rely daily on her work. It helps me stay out of judgment. Helps me appreciate a good man for  Being. A. Good. Man.

Amazing how much better life is.

Arielle Ford, Author of The Soulmate Secret
and Wabi Sabi Love

“We are not born knowing the secrets to a long, happy relationship. Fortunately, Alison Armstrong has dedicated her life to this! In always humorous and easy to understand ways, she reveals how men and women can understand each other, resulting in relationships filled with love, satisfaction and contentment. (And who doesn’t want that!) Quit trying to figure this out on your own — run, don’t walk to her next workshop. I promise you will be glad you did.”

PS – One day I may be one of Alison’s affiliates, but not today. As of this writing, I’m simply a very satisfied student, and a raving fan.




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