Don’t Be a Sucker | Be the New Greatest Generation

When i was little, he was daddy. Later, my dad. Always he was part of the Greatest Generation and those who came after.

Americans who grew up during the crushing poverty of the Great Depression and its aftermath. Americans who went on to fight in World War II, the Korean War and more. Americans who worked at home to build the warships of sea and air. Americans who fought the fascists. And liberated a continent.

We weren’t suckers then. But lately there’s been way too much waffling on the rise of fascist groups on American soil. It is a stain. It dishonors our Founders and ourselves. We must stop it cold.

We weren’t suckers during WWII. We must not be now. As Saturday’s tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia continue to unfold, we learn of related plot in Oklahoma City. Like Timothy McVeigh was not enough. 168 people, including dozens of kids.


This is OURS to Stop. Let us honor ourselves and Be the New Greatest Generation.

My dad. My uncles. Me. –>>>>>>>>>>       

Don’t think they’re serious? Armed robbery is how they’ve funded. Their murderous deeds are many.

History goes to the Courageous. Be Courageous.

Curious about what’s behind it?
>> I didn’t know White Fragility was a thing … amazing.
>> I didn’t know White Rage was a thing …. um, yeah.
>> I didn’t know Tone Policing was a thing … ouch. BTW, women get it too.

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