Don’t Feed the Trolls – How We Did It and Laughed All the Way to Happy Hour

Don’t Feed the Trolls – How We Did It and Laughed All the Way to Happy Hour

Internet trolls’ psychology. Yep, it’s a thing. Think Allstate’s mayhem guy – hear that laugh at the end? Trolls can make us miserable. Worried. Even scared. What’s a gal or guy to do? (Wouldn’t it be great to make them go away? But how?)

First off: How to assess an influence tactic?


Who’s the ‘target’ of my influence effort?

What do they want?

What do they not want?

What do I want?

What are three ways I can turn the outcome to my favor?

What principles apply to the situation?

When the message board got ugly and it was snowballing. When a client is suffering, like any good coach, it’s time to jump into action.

Today’s post welcoming us to a seminar at the Swedish Development Agency on gender based violence online (in SWEDEN? Really?!) makes addressing this pervasive modern plague all the more urgent. Think strategy. 









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Don’t Feed the Trolls: xxxxx

First question: What do online trolls, bullies & harsh commenters WANT, anyway?

They want attention. They want to keep the back & forth going — for hours, days or even longer. The more visible you are, the longer they want to be the center of your world. When you’re miserable, they feel better.

It’s cat  and mouse — don’t be the mouse that comes back. But how do you avoid being the bate? Here’s how.

Engage your strategy, then sit back & enjoy the SHOW.
Second: Realize your advantages — they are several.
  • You know the harsh commenter is #weak. #fragile 
  • You know behind the false front of aggression lies intolerable fear and anger. That’s miserable and the vast majority of people will do anything they can to get it off of themselves. 
  • They want that put on any available target — so it’s not about you. It’s about them.
  • The harsh commenter knows success is at hand when they make you as miserable as they were feeling. 
Third: Allies — your secret weapon of self-love. Know your short list of friends & loved ones. Some will have the steely resolve to run the strategy. If they don’t have the stomach for it, move on to others who do. Ask them to not watch. (The temptation to ruin the strategy by “helping” will be too great.) 


Fourth: Strategy — should you choose to use it, and I hope you do, so you can easily starve the harsh commenters of the attention they crave. It’s their jet fuel. You want to cut off that jet fuel.
  • Ignore the harsh commenter(s)
  • Private message your online allies
  • Ask them to do just THREE things
    • #1, Jump online with you NOW
    • #2, Ignore, Ignore, Ignore the harsh commenters. The harsh commenter is persona non grata. STARVE HARSH-COMMENTER of the jet fuel every .
    • #3, Support, Support, Support YOU, your Post. Say good things about your post. Ignore the harsh commenter. Say more good things about your post. Ignore the harsh commenter. Say more good things about your post!
    • #4, Watch as the harsh commenter, staved of jet fuel, fades away. 

Fifth: Celebrate — we toasted our success at happy our. And were totally ready for the next troll. You can too. So invite an ally, a friend, a colleague. Share with another good woman or two, so you can both get what you want from your careers. Invite her to join our growing tribe of amazing women leaders. Go-getters who want to leave frustration behind, are tired of not getting the respect your deserve, not being seen, heard, hired or promoted. It’s for your future, a level or five up — and you know you need momentum on your side to get there.<br><br> 

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PS – Next week’s topic will blow you away!

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