Feeling Better, Now & Later

I was amazed. Meet Katrina McPherson. She’s the administrator for Psalms Home Care. They operate a lovely home, with great care. And yet as nice as it is, one no one really wants to be that person who needs to live there.

You might remember those “Now & Later” candies? (I suspect they’re still around.)  As adults, there’s your “Be Happy NOW” reason to feel better. And there’s your “Feel Good LATER” reason. Where something has triggered you to realize “I don’t want THAT in my future”.  You’re realizing that treating yourself well and wonderfully lets you avoid some crazy-harsh chronic disease. Maybe like Mom or Dad or a friend or family member has. It could be diabetes, arthritis and even dementia. Ugh.

These and others, they sneak up on you after a while. Getting healthy now — in a way that your body truly responds to. It’s a huge help when you want to avoid what you’d never want in the first place.

Taking right action lets you feel good for the long term. And keep your ~$5k. Every month. Just … keep it!

Here in Texas, the out of pocket costs of care start at about $2500 per month and go up. Advancing Alzheimer’s or another dementia? Costs escalate to around $7000 per month.


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