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Nancy’s fun reminded me..

I spent a couple years managing a test lab at MCI, back when MCI was a thing. We were transitioning businesses from point-to-point T1s to ATM and Frame Relay networks. An no, not the cash-dispensing ATMs. The geeky “asynchronous transfer mode” ATM protocol. Cutting edge in those days. Customers who were considering the switch wanted the lower costs. All of them had to know it would work — with their equipment. Banks had, had to know the answer to the “Is it secure?” question. Good thing, eh?

So fun… When the sales team couldn’t close, and thought a test would help, they’d sponsor the potential customer into our lab. We we were the closers.

Most of the engineers were young men. They taught me a lot about how fun can fuel good work. Achievement. Lemme know if you’ve done what they’d do…  Inc Mag thinks you might like the results 😉

With the great Nancy Lieberman & Linda White

They’d head over for equipment. One would shout “Hey Joe give me that router.” Joe would say “you think I’m gonna give a perfectly good router into a nimnull like you?! Ha!  And off they’d go. Joe would throw the router, flying across the room. The engineer’d catch that baby and run off like it was game day. BAM!

All. Morning. Long. Then they’d head out to lunch, shoot pool. eat burgers, drink beers. And generally abuse one another in that good-natured way. Back, the afternoon was just like the morning.

We closed a heck of a lot of business. Fueled by fun.

It taught me to loosen up and make a game out of business and life, anytime I could. So here’s the question — are YOU making your business fun?

What’s more fun that fun? And the results? Fantastic. Give it a go — and keep it going!

PS – Nancy was with us to say Thanks to Dream Team Women’s Networking, a group of authentic, fun powerhouse business women, who raised a bunch of money for Nancy Lieberman Charities. And had fun doing it. Donate!

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