From Overworked to Ahhhhhh…!

This isn’t a story about vacation. But in a way it is.

Ever been tired of doing too much? I have. I used to hate it. Now, it’s a gift. The gift of frustration or stress or misery that can make you ask: How can this be EASIER?  And therein lies the magic steps to more time and money.

#1 — NOTICE your misery, frustration, dissatisfaction, overwork, long hours. Whatever it is, just notice it.

#2 — Say this out loud: “God*, that’s GREAT!” (*feel free to substitute the word that rings true for you. I’m not qualified to teach religion. And that’s not the point anyway.)
>> “God*, that’s GREAT!”
>> “God, this is GREAT!”
>> “God, This is GREAT!”
>> “God, THIS is GREAT!”
>> “God, This IS GREAT!”
and say it LOUD!

#3 — Gently ask your these MAGIC QUESTIONS
>> “How can this be simpler?”
>> “How can this be easier?”
>> “How can this be done by someone else?”
>> “What ONE thing can I do right now, that makes it easier for the next time?”

#4 – Do it. That ONE thing that’ll make it easier the next time. And USE it. Tweak it as needed.

With this, you’re in action on your path to more freedom, more profit and fun, less stress. And vacation is not only deserved, it’s possible.

Your business and your life, will be done better, one perfectly imperfect step at a time. Oh, and set a date on the calendar for when you want to look back and see how you’ve changed your business and your life for the better. I recommend at least quarterly. Monthly’s darn cool, though!

Cheers, because you’ll be doing THIS!

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