Guilty!? I was …

I was guilty.

Guilty of floating through life. Doing what I did. Working and raising kids. Presuming it’d all be fine.

Like you, I’ve enjoyed a life of success. Successes I’ve created, to be sure, but with the support of friends, family, community. A great education, even roads and bridges so I could get around. You know, the things we often take for granted, until they’re gone.

Like feeling good.

But what’s been hardest for me is getting clear on the difference between a friend and … an accomplice. A friend helps you achieve what you want. An accomplice helps you fail. Some days facebook is an accomplice. Have you ever spent more time on that thing than you should? Yikes..

Me being sick of how I'm ditching myself. Aaarrgh!

Me being sick of how I’m ditching myself. Aaarrgh!

I have. Until I’m sick of it. And not just facebook. Any habit can serve us or kick us in the pants. Pull us out of the game. If you’re like me, this goes on until you’re sick of it. Sick of what it’s costing you. Sick of how it robs you.

One of my early turn-arounds came when I was sick of feeling old, being in pain. I’d been to the doctor. She’d done what a doctor can and, in that subtle doctorly way, mentioned this .. “If you could drop even just …. that’d help.”

Her question made me ask myself “How can I do this?”  And BAM, the game of me was back on!

If you’re sick of pain, feeling old, being foggy or forgetful. If you’re ready to get your game back on, this link’s for you. It’s a no strings attached complimentary call with me, where I help you get clear on where you are now, and what you want your future to be.

Make your day great!


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