When Social Heals “I have thoughts of …” – FB Friend

The full post was….
The first reply sent love, Love, LOVE. But something nagged at me. Didn’t feel complete.
 The truth is I’ve felt that way, long ago, as a kid, a good kid who was respectful and did her chores. Who was tired of being corrected multiple times a day. Tired of feeling like there was no way to be good enough. You know the feeling? It’s a reason micromanaging can be so toxic at work.
Name a place, and it can happen. Work, home, friends. Mostly, those who are doing the correcting have good intentions. My parents clearly wanted the best for each of the four of us.
The other truth is, it took decades to heal that part of me. What a difference now.
You’ve heard it said “You haven’t lived until you’ve had your darkest hour.” Your “really living” part happens three pieces. The unfolding empowerment of making it through.
My FB reply, “I’m with you. Reach out. I’m with you.” 
No advising. No telling my story. Just this: Being the sacred witness to another’s pain. To simply BE with another. With their pain. No trying to fix it. Definitely avoiding the belittlement of “well at least” (that’s just mean). Being in service, as their sacred witness? Powerful healing. Lighthouse in the storm healing. Their knowing there’s life beyond the storm. Breathing as they work through it. A powerful gift. And one we each need, from time to time.
In between, my own process came up. It’s below. Feel free to bookmark it and share. It might be someone’s golden ticket when life gets tough. 
Dorothy’s Golden Gratitude Healing process. 
  • This may sound silly, but it works! Get out a piece of paper & a pen and start writing all the things you’re grateful for.
  • For paper you can write on
  • A pen or pencil to write with. Heck, a Crayon!
  • The ability to write — and thank whoever taught you
  • The ability to READ! (Thank this person too)
  • The ability to Ask for what you need
  • Food you’ve eaten
  • The breath you’re breathing in right now, and the next one to come
  • Your sip – or glug! – of Water
  • For your troubles –YES! Troubles are the font of creation and newness!! Say THANK You and Write them down.

… keep writing, and thanking and keep writing and thanking and keep writing and thanking More and keep writing and thanking MORE and writing and thanking until you feelAnd after a while you’re emotions will shift. You may starting crying tears of gratitude or joy or whatever!

You may cry a long time — that’s good. When the tears subside, WRITE about whatever it is — there’s GOLD in these tears!

You may start laughing — at whatever — that’s OK too! When you finish, WRITE about whatever it is — there’s GOLD in these chuckles & guffaws!!

At some point you’ll feel tuckered out, WORN out, Exhausted. So sleep and lift up your thanks that you have a place to sleep and for sleep itself. Cleansing and rejuvenating.

When you wake up, express again Gratitude for Sleep and for waking! Write your gratitude for waking! Write, write, WRITE your story — whatever comes up for you. Say THANK YOU.

Pain masks a problem. On the other side of that problem is your Golden Solution.
ASK: What gift might be on the other side of this pain?
ASK: What wisdom does that divine spark within you have for you in this moment?
ASK: What other wisdom does your divine spark have for you..?!


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