How to Engage an Audience (Without the Inner Conflict Part)

There is nothing like falling in love. Except maybe having a whole room of people falling in what I call “audience love”. It’s spellbinding.

Susan .. she does the magic.

And fortunately, you can too. Here’s how.. 

First, if you’ve got someone in your business world who does this, listen to them often, note one thing you can practice doing (yep, model what they do & how they do it … you will build skill, the forerunner of expertise).

My CPA colleague, a principal at CliftonLarsonAllen and friend Susan Roberts is a goddess at it. Here she’s naturally pulling people in. She’s got them (and me) in a state of fascination — on TAXES, for crying out loud. Amazing.

So how does she do it? How can you?

Susan Roberts Makes Dusty Topics FUN

She’s done it for years and fairly Radiates Love. They could Not take their eyes off her — and it’s TAX! Tons of rules and criteria and oh-plus-these-situations, and yah-di-yah-di-yah…

When you do, you’ll find yourself getting better — and that “inner conflict” part? It’ll start to fade.

How to Engage an Audience in 7 Steps

  • Knows her stuff, starts with love & fun
  • Looks them in the eye
  • SMILES at them; radiates love in every moment
  • Listens to their questions for a looong time (& really takes it in)
  • Responds in love, with clarity and brevity << the expert’s skill  
  • Generates curiosity
  • Holds clear boundaries

So you have a topic that can be seen as not the most fun? Love your audience. Maybe a difficult topic? Love them throughout and counterpoint the tough parts with bits of funny. Dry? Tax-code-dry? Bring the fun with a sense of lightness. Radiate it.

When you’ll love the engagement that comes back you.

What if that Inner Conflict part is dogging you?

What’s “inner conflict”?

Gotcha covered.

Get quiet, take three deep breaths and ask yourself:

  • parts party ! Am I the same person as I was when I was 

Challenged with one or more of these things? (You are so wise to know!) Need help? Grab a complementary spot on my calendar. We’ll hop on the phone to discover your best next move. 

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There’s EVERY reason to say Yes to Yourself

Get what Susan has,


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