Whew!  What a ride it is when the combination of health & family issues made business issues. It’s goood to be back. Limping along isn’t the place to be.

First, it’s good to have my health on the mend. It had gone on too long and drained me of energy.
Lesson: Hop on health issues quickly, Dorothy. You are not Superwoman. Though flying would be wildly fun..

Second, pay more attention to family! They’re the ones who bless you and are there when you need them. And … They Need YOU (Lesson!)

Third, when you bounce back, business bounces back. Amazing opportunities are coming faster than I can imagine.
Looking forward to an excellent fourth quarter and amazing things beyond. Very yummy lesson.

So here’s your quick 3-point checklist to stay in the healthy zone:

  1. Are you’re loosing energy, or sleep? If it doesn’t improve, don’t assume it’s “getting older”. After all, you’ve been getting older all your life. Just saying.
  2. Treat yourself better. Tempting foods and drinks are the first-worlders way to feel as bad as third world folks might, and spend a lot doing it. Go to sleep by 10pm and take advantage of your circadian rhythms. Our noble health geeks at Columbia University are on to something!
  3. Listen to your family, your trusted people. They’ll notice things you can excuse away, but shouldn’t.

BONUS: Take Action. Ideas are cheap. Action COUNTS.

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Peace & Blessings,

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