It Went On for Years…

More than a dozen, the years it bugged me. Irritated me. Slowed me down.  Always uncomfortable.

I’d pull at it. Stretch it. Ask the doc’s about it. Nothing. Pull at my clothes, adjusting. Nothing seemed to help. People noticed that weird left shoulder thing.

What I didn’t know then is this: the earliest signs of dementia are not forgetfulness. Not putting normal items in weird places. Those come later. Years later. What comes earliest are the barely noticeable ways in which your brain no longer ‘talks’ to your body like it should. Like it used to. Loss of balance, slight at first. Often worsening. Your smeller is “off”, often showing up when someone comes over to visit. They’ll notice what you can’t.

When I took action early to got my memory and focus back, that weird shoulder thing faded away. BAM! And I keep up my daily practices to keep it that way.

Walk to End Alzheimer's. June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month.

The Walk to End ALZ is coming! Choose your location and Mark your calendar.

Sign-up today!

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