International Wireless is Stepping Up its Game

International Wireless is Stepping Up its Game

With over 400 exhibitors, more than 400 speakers and 7000 attendees, this year’s IWCE was huge! But who knew the upside potential is so great, for both women and the wireless industry. Why? With demographics changing here in the U.S. and all over the world, smaller companies are getting to know what many Fortune 500 companies have known for a while — having a diverse workforce is critical to market share and profitability. 

After all, how can you serve a diverse and engaged world if you don’t know what makes many of them tick? 

PepsiCo has been in on this for years — even incenting employees to suggest new snack flavors — as when wasabi-ginger potato chips were introduced. Part of Pepsi’s hiring policy has been to match workforce demographics to local demographics. As a consumer products company, they know they’ll get a big return when they’re doing well on this goal. 

It’s something wireless companies are beginning to embrace. And if last week’s International Wireless Communications EXPO in Orlando is any indicator, they’ve got huge upside potential. Looking around the meeting rooms and exhibit hall, there was little of the fascinating array of humanity that populates our planet. It was a sea of white men. Good men, to my mind. But that’s not the point.

The point is, wireless technology is used by persons of every culture, color, hue, religion, gender identity and age — in no particular order. Since people use technology in different ways and value & view its utility in different ways, companies with more diversity are better able to meet changing market interest and demand. Having the inside scoop is better for everyone.

The embrace came in the form of IWCE’s long time members and its first Women of Wireless session. Enlightening and excellent to be speaking to and for women who are ready for more greatness ahead. Introducing … my wonderful colleagues on the speaker stage. Thanks to each of you for being leaders, part of transforming this industry for good. Not only this, diversity is growing among young professionals in wireless. Wireless’ future is promising. 

Here’s the 2018 expert lineup, ready for a great year and an even better 2019. It was a privilege to deliver “Success Habits of Highly Effective Women: Winning Tough Moments” to help fuel the leadership each of these fine women embody, and add to the lives and fortunes of IWCE attendees.

STANDIING Left to Right: our Moderator Alison Diana is editor at Broadband World News, a Light Reading publication
Next to her is Miranda Allen, owner of RSI Corp
Standing in the middle is Shelley Westall, from the great State of Washington’s OneNet 
Then Victoria B. Garcia, Program Manager from another great state, New Mexico and the DoIT (Department of IT)
Finishing the row is Kathleen Cowles, Partner at Deep Water Point
SITTING Left to Right: Teresa Maher, President of CSS and board member of ETA, the Electronics Technicians Association, International (ETA® International) 
Yours Truly, SuccessibleSHE Expert – surrounded by super sisters in tech
and Maria Jacques, 911 Director for the great State of Maine


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    • Dorothy Kuhn

      Thank you, it’s a great group of accomplished and amazing women.

  1. Dorothy Kuhn

    Agreed … a well-lived life is so much more.



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