Joyous Voting, No Matter What

I cannot fully express the deep joy I feel in seeing millions of my fellow Americans vote this year. More than ever, the sweet, soft teary-eyed JOY at the strength of our democracy. OURs .. ever on the path to better, step by silly, crazy, inspiring, unsure yet confident step.

Make yourself proud of yourself today. Vote. By this, we bring life anew to the promise of our founders. Honor the question then-new Americans asked, wondering what sort of government the delegates had created. To which the wise and wry Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

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This year Steve Schmidt, the respected Republican strategist, said it best: “Fascism did not rise in the ’30s because fascism was strong, but because democracy was weak.” Let us keep our democracy strong. Our democratic institutions strong. Our nation strong.

My faith in is in the Constitution our founders wrought. As Congresswoman Barbara Jordan said: “ whole, it is complete.” When most Americans vote, we get the government that works for most people. That’s a really good thing because it gives us the runway to make our government work for Americans who are still hurting. And deserve better.

I’m so proud of Every vote. THANK YOU for voting, for keeping our democracy strong. Vote to lead. Lead by voting. Always grounded in the facts and your own moral guidance.

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