The Power of “Know Thyself”

Your deepest desire. You have it and chances are, it’s not what you think. It’s not what you should do, or must do or were told to do. Instead, it’s deeply held. Something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Knowing the deepest desire of you soul is powerful. Getting to your deepest desires, the beautiful gift only you can give. That lifts you to your full potential as a human being, a leader, a lover, parent, friend, citizen.


It may or may not change anything about your life. EXCEPT your head-chatter. Except your doubt. Except your peace of mind that you’re on your path, divinely inspired, however you hold that.


But how do you get to it? At a high level, there are two ways: directly and indirectly. Today’s post is on indirectly, which you can do on your own or with help. Either way, getting to your soul’s desire is a critical first step to clarity. The five steps start with…

  1. Remember. What events, activities or experiences from your past were the ones that really, really “lit you up”? List them all. Lots of them. For 3-to-7 day, jot them all down. Without judgment. With joy(!).
  2. Reflect. Of all these, which are the most powerful? The biggest? The most juicy? Note your top three.
  3. Theme. Read through your top three and ask yourself: What’s the thread? What holds these together? What’s the theme?
  4. Discover. Rate just how “hot” each experience was for you. A scale of “1 to 5”, with 5 being “Hot” works well.
  5. WANT. This is where you take those wonderful past experiences into your future. Ask yourself “given all this, what really lights me up, that I’d love to have more of now … and going forward!”

You are the goldmine. The deepest desires of your soul, that open you up to possibility, the gift you are to the world and the life you are meant to live!

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