Labor of Love | Gratitude

I’m grateful. Grateful.

Grateful for wonderful clients, who get Better. Stronger. HappierGrateful for the difference it makes for their Families.   Grateful for what they’re now able to do in the world. How it makes our world a better place.
THANK you for your Trust.  And for your readiness to work on your greatest asset — Yourself.

As I look to the world beyond, I’m profoundly grateful for our country. For what we’ve built together.
And on this Labor Day, for the Laborers who did the work. Men and women who
Dug the ditches. Paved the roads. Swung the hammers. Welded bridge spans. Milled the machines.
Boilermakers, Electricians, Locomotive engineers and more. Those who laid internet cables, land and sea.
THANK You. Your labor makes possible what I do.  THANK You!

For you, another gift. You can reduce labor (wink) while making great meals that actually nourish, as opposed to just ‘filling’ you up. Use my 20-minute strategy to create your “Food Foundation” — Think music. Jazz. It’s like laying down the base. On it, you can ‘riff’ many variations. Enjoy!

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