Ladies, Do You Want to Lead (but not show up like a guy?)

Ladies! Do you want to lead, but not show up like a guy?


Lady Gaga aside, you might want to get a promotion without losing your life. Or maybe you’ve thought lately “I wish I could be more confident.” Have you wondered “how is she (or he) so influential?!”

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above, please join me Thursday, Oct 13th @ 7pm CT, 5pm PT for a FREE call: “5 Secrets to Powerful Feminine Leadership” .. and to the life you want!
****NEW bat-date. Same bat-time 😉

This call will teach you the 5 secrets of leading powerfully that let you be your confident self. So you can be powerful leader you’re meant to be, and love your work plus your life!

Most people can’t trust leaders who don’t show the right kind of confidence and strength. On this call I will show you a simple way to gain confidence and strength that’s true to you and honors you as a woman of power.

You won’t feel like you’re a “man in a skirt”!

Mark this date on the calendar, Thursday, Oct 13th @ 7pm CT / 5pm PT and be there!  <– NEW bat-date.
Same bat-time.

Private Message me and I’ll send you the Call-in Number and Pin.

This call is for you if: You’re a smart, powerful woman, or are ready to be. If you know you’re ready to lead but you’re not sure how. You want to know how to lead with power while being your feminine self!

Join me Thursday, Oct 13th. Please share with anyone you know who needs this help!

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