You know how putting on your big-kid britches often brings up fear and self-doubt?

Yeah… What comfy “friends” fear and self-doubt make. (Not). And necessary for your growth. To further the leader within you.

Speaking for 400 entrepreneurs with Pamela Zimmer and Joseph Ranseth.

Speaking for 400 entrepreneurs with Pamela Zimmer and Joseph Ranseth in Vegas.

So what did I leave? The fear of big stages — at least stages this big. I left the fear of claiming my gift. I left that layer of “not good enough”, “not prepared enough”, “not <…> enough”. The 400 scared me, and were a gift beyond compare. Not that I did it just right – but having done it is the next step to better. The delicious, wonderful of getting better.

Share what you know. Invite pursuit. Pay it forward.

These 400 entrepreneurs do Vegas differently.

Just like Pamela and Joseph, you are here for a reason. Have you ever thought you’d do something big? Bigger? Maybe even huge? In 2015 my first speaking gig was early-morning to 13 people. The tech failed, theirs and mine. And I was late — I could blame the traffic, which was bad, but the truth is, in my night-before nervousness I’d set the alarm wrong. By an HOUR (Ugh). Rushing cannot makeup that much time..

Leadership is about conquering you. Your inner and outer barriers. Especially the inner ones.

You cure it when you step forward. Knowing you’ll learn how. So next time is better.

What do you need? To know who roots for you. To keep them close. If you know your path, great. If it’s not clear, that’s where the brilliance of a mentor fuels you. A great match for you, the journey you’re on and a few steps ahead of you. Someone who’s in the game and remembers what your journey is like. Because you’re ready to grow and achieve.

If you’re wondering if a mentor is right for you, click here to apply for a Complimentary Strategy Session with Dorothy or one of her hand-picked coaches.

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