Ready to Love Pi(e) Anew? It’s transcendent..

Yes, it’s true. As a kid, pie was my favorite dessert. Dessert pies like pumpkin, pecan, apple, peach — even “shepherds pie” for dinner! For me, other meals and desserts paled in comparison. It was those yummy insides – the fruits, the meats, peas and potatoes. The sauce…! Totally made me run to the dinner table. Playing chase with the neighbor-kids? Done ’til tomorrow — it was all about the PIE.

Pies, Pi or both ..?

So imagine my school-kid surprise to discover another kind of pie .. the irrational and quite nearly transcendental kind. Now you may love math like I do, or maybe not so much. Regardless, hidden in “Pi” is a critical principle for your life, your profession, your business — and your spiritual life. Yes, they’re connected.

As a living, breathing human being, you are more related to the amazing Pi than you might at first think. And like pie, it’s what’s inside that counts. Here’s why: Pi is boundless. Transcendental.  And you can be too — in your impact on others. Your ability to see them, to lift them up. To help them see the possibility they can barely imagine for themselves. Great leaders do this. They bring forward other leaders from amongst their followers. (How?!)

THAT’s a very practical way you go on forever. And we haven’t even gotten to the spiritual part (which of course I’ll leave to well-trained theologians).

Great leaders are a blessing to others. But so many smart, capable people don’t get to be the leader they know lives inside. People who want to step up their leadership game, work smarter not harder, and make a bigger impact. People who struggle to share their blessing and have people wanting more.

That was me. And If this sounds like you, this free simple quiz is definitely for you. In just 3 minutes, when you take it, you’ll automatically get powerful insight into the five critical areas most leaders miss,

And you’ll learn

  • Where you are on track toward leading that inspires action    and
  • What areas you need to focus on to be the leader who can make a bigger difference in people’s lives

Even if you think you’re “there”, you may be surprised. So if you’re ready to breath again and lift others as you do, this is for you. It’s time to move beyond.

Get it here


PS — March 14 is Pi Day. It’s a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) and to eat (or fondly remember) lots of pie! Pi’s value is 3.14, so countries that do month/day (m/dd) for dates celebrate Pi Day, which was founded by Physicist Larry Shaw in 1988.


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