Thee I Most Revere | International Women’s Day, 2017

These qualities, so embodied, do I revere. Happy International Women’s Day.

  • Mom, from whom I learned to be curious. Entrepreneurial. Determined. Silly.
  • My daughter Simone who’s loving fierceness came from the crucible’s fire, I know not where.
  • My son Stefan, who’s cool patience reminds me to breeeeaathe.
  • My sister Linda, from whom I got in my bones, the value of play.
  • Dad, the Navy man, who taught me the price of caprice and that of war.
  • The Sisters of The Little Flower, Great Mills, Maryland, who taught us the terror of the dire combination of religion and politics.
  • Joe, the Eagle, from whom I learned not only the #1 Rule, “Don’t be a d**k”, but the #2 Rule “When unsure, see Rule #1”
  • Congresswoman Barbara Jordan of Texas, from whom I learned the imperative of inspired determination, regardless the odds.
  • Dr. Madame Marie Curie, who shared the power of focus through her research and example.
  • Victoria Woodhull, first woman to run for U.S. President, 1872 — even when women were still denied the vote. That’s some hutzpah!
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren, for her humor, determination and fearlessness
  • Malala Yousafzai, for her quiet power, held in an unflinching gaze.
  • Pope Francis and The Dalai Lama, who amaze me
  • Hafiz, the great Sufi poet of centuries past, who lifts my soul to the heavens.

Who inspires you?


  1. Tom

    I like all your choices except Elizabeth Warren, who seems to come across as a jerk at times with her courage you mention. Also, I as a confessed conservative, hear her values seem rather warped from time to time re what will make this country successful.

    • Dorothy Kuhn

      Hey Tom! Thanks for your comment and I’m celebrating we agree on so much. This is cool.
      Cheers, my friend.
      PS – Always appreciate your weekly notes from Verne


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