Skill, Heart and So much more

Leadership. It’s skill, heart, clarity and so much more — including that inner “knowing” that you’re on the path that’s right for YOU.

Especially for us as women, we can feel like there’s no clear path to power. To influence. To stepping into the fullness of who you are as a woman. How do you mesh the idea of being a woman? A lady? … with power? How can you be powerful and still loving? Still feminine? How can you lead and succeed and be your full self?

And if you’re a woman who returns home to a man – or wants to – how do you balance power in business with what can sometimes feel very different at home? Or socially? While still being true to yourself.

What if feeling wonderful and feeling powerful honored who you are as a woman? What if your most potent power could be founded in your femininity? Your ability to connect with your feminine core.


The fact is, life is too stressful when feel every option feels icky   << totally a technical term 😉
Or when we don’t get what we need. That finding that feeling of personal power is weirdly mysterious. Even insurmountable.

I was tired of jumping, doing my best — and beating myself up for not having figured it all out.  (Sound familiar?)

That’s no fun. And it plagues so many of us.

A decade ago I went on a quest to see if I could figure it out. But I knew my head was just part of the game. After all, I’d been stuck in an unhappy pattern most of my adult life. And I’d seen so many friends leave their marriages or jobs hoping for better, but getting the same again and again. Different names and addresses; same situations.


Somehow, I began to wonder if the only change that could get me the results I so desperately wanted in my life was a change in me. God knows I’d tried changing the things around me..

Things around the edges. And there was that part of me that knew I had some inner work to do. Being confident is key to leadership. Connecting to yourself, to your true inner core is the first step. Getting this lets you step into your beautiful, feminine power.

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 Your life is about to become amazing.

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