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Is CONFLICT mangling your mojo?


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Spot It

Conflict happens. Spotting it is essential, and it’s not always obvious. But when you instantly spot it, you’ve set yourself up to Win the Moment — opening the door to a grand

Flip It

Does your first reaction come from anger or fear? When you learn to flip a disrespect, you rob disrespect of its power & automatically invite allies.

Stick the Landing

You Stick the Landing by granting dignity, the prerogative of royalty.

When you do, others cannot help but admire you. Respect you. See the greatness in you.

About Dorothy

Prevailing wisdom says to cool off, get calm, discuss the problem … seek common ground and about 37 more things .. to either do or avoid … after the conflict has happened.

Can anyone even remember all those steps?

Neuroscience says no. The reality is … conflict is fast. It starts in a flash and all who live it (or witness it) instantly know who’s won the moment.

Conflict springs from our survival brain, the most primitive part of you. But with my fast-action, respect-based approach, you’ll learn how to resolve almost any conflict in seconds, while leaving the other person with enough dignity to RESPECT YOU more than ever.


What Our Customers Are Saying

The women I work with are amazing and delighted with the results they’ve achieved. #Proud

“I never realized how much power I had within. The change is dramatic and has helped me more than I could ever have even fathomed possible. I am more assertive and regularly set and achieve goals that I would have never dreamed possible.”
Rachel Cohen Miller

Attorney at Law, Mom & Legal Shero

“My special needs son inspired me to run for the Texas House. With Dorothy’s help I honed my message and got effective in front of a crowd and a camera. My opponent told me I was the only opponent she’d ever respected.”
Emy Lyons

Nurse, Candidate for Office

“I only had a vague idea of what I wanted from life and I now know exactly what I want to do and the steps I must take to have the life I had only dreamed of! I feel better, more like myself, more positive, more optimistic!”
Terri Wilson

Teacher, Adventurer

Winning Formula

Do you feel frustrated (or mad all over again), when minutes or even hours after an insult or inappropriate remark … you find yourself reliving the incident over & over again? Getting mad again? Ruminating all the ways you “should” have responded … or avoided it altogether?

Do you catch yourself blaming yourself for not having “handled it”? Do you replay the incident over and over in your mind .. and you can’t seems to stop it? Ever wondered if any of those ideas could have even helped, but you still can’t let it go?

Do you feel the need to tell someone about it — someone who can DO something about it? Does a part of you know the damage is already done … and it’ll just make you look like a tattle tailing kid or worse? Does the whole thing just “eat at you” and you’re sick of being a grump?

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