7 Tiny Tricks to Staying Slim Through the Holidays..? YES!!

OK .. it’s a challenge for all of us. Just getting through back-to-back holidays, parties, cocktail hours and galas is TOUGH. What to do. What to do. What to do?!

Lead yourself to health. Whether next week’s feast is with turkey or something else, it’s not just the portion sizes, side dishes and desserts that get you, it’s …


… the day-in-day out feasting. The unspoken “it’s feast season” attitude. So the first and simplest way of helping yourself keep the health you have is to FEAST ONLY ON FEAST DAY!. Use these 7 Tiny Tricks to keep whatever your thin is now, and maybe even improve it. Here you go.  

  1. Count your feast days. (I have three: Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.) What are yours?
  2. Set the intention to weigh the same or less after the holiday season.
  3. TODAY jot down your weight, height & waste line. Post them on your bathroom mirror or another obvious place — so you keep your goal top of mind.
  4. Have fun and feast on your feast days! And ONLY on them.
  5. Other days, stick to your normal habits. Avoid or minimize high-calorie drinks like eggnog and cockrtails.
  6. Three days after your final feast day, again jot down your weight, height & waste line.
  7. Compare these to today’s measurements and Congratulate yourself with your happy dance!

Treat yourself well. Enjoy the holidays. If you need support, just
* pull out your mobile phone
* open your text message app
* touch the new message icon
* in “To:”, type 44222  and
* in the message area, type MyThinWith … capitals don’t matter (MYTHINWITHIN and any variation works!)

I’m offering a hold-your-hand private group to keep you on track. The BONUS is simple and delicious recipes that you’ll love again next year.


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