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I’m so sad. The loss of a loved one never gets easier. We have to do better maintaining relationships in this virtual world and stop taking each other for granted. I was going to call him every day and didn’t. Now I can’t. He was my oldest brother and we shared our father’s name. ALways felt that we shared much more yet never had the opportunity to explore it. The last thing he said to me is “I’m proud of you sis, I see you, I got you, anything you need. Keep doing what you’re doing!” I will always remember that. He was one of the few family members that ever spoke those words. Knowing I have an angel is a peace that I must hold on to. ❤️😓We are forever Terry-Terri Prudhomme. Love you big bro Tj Prudhomme   POST 2:
Friend (Anika Wilson):Today my brother is laid to rest. I’m sad that I can not say goodbye yet feel that this last week, he has taught me so much.
Loss and grief have many heads. It shows up and shows out and we must take time to deal & heal. Don’t bury your feelings, resentment, or avoid as it will steal and destroy.
Our paths often determine our location but our hearts determine our destination. I know my angel is with me. Rest in paradise big brother.
ME: when my brother passed, I gave myself permission to grieve/cry whenever the sadness came.
When I’d feel the sadness coming, I’d let me colleagues know, with the assurance I’d be back in ~1-2 hrs.
I’d lay on floor, the bed, the couch and let the emotion move through me in
I grieved for the now-lost future I’d imagined with him in it
I grieved for his potential, now lost
I grieved for the hole in our family, for the hole in me..