The Most Feared Topic

I never wanted the pain, but this isn’t about that. Getting out of pain was a huge motivator for me (duh!), and I’m so grateful to have found a way to solve it. It’s a big part of what I help people put in their past.

But that pain provided another gift. The strategies I learned were a foundation. A foundation that, when the next challenge came, got up-leveled to meet and vanquish the next challenge.


There were other challenges in-between, and those stories are for another day.

Today’s is more recent. More scary. Amazing how much fun we had with it. Honored to have been interviewed by Dr Charles Parker on the Most Feared topic. The one no one wants. And no one wants to admit to.

Dementia. That’s Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and their unhappy cousins. But if you knew you could prevent it, how cool would that be? And when you know your future can be secure, what would open up for you?

Be Amazing!

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