[Tuesday Tip] From Excruciating to Eating Again!

Ever wonder how some people feel so great, no matter their age? How can it be possible that they’re so happy and confident most of the time?

Years ago when I started, I decided to give it a try for one week — and 7 days later, I felt better and had lost two pounds. Two pounds! For most ladies, that’s close to miraculous (gentlemen, you can ballpark what it would likely be for you).

And today I’m reporting the progress of one of my VIP client’s straight to you. Even with Dallas’ top medical care, Tony’s been sick for months.

Here are the top two ways you can get from excruciating to eating in a week! It’s all in today’s Tuesday Tip video below.


For the first time in weeks, Tony is able to eat full meals, enjoying Tony-safe foods. It’s a miracle! (Not really)


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