The “Ackkkkk” of Uncertainty & the “Whew!” to Reinvent.

You’ve been there. The job that evaporated. The investment gone bad. The future you’d imagined, gone. Now what?!

The Financial Times says it in that ever so British manner, What they really mean is, when you get gob-smacked, you need persepctives. With an “s”. Just one is what you already have (yours) and you might just be — or have been — on the verge of freaking out. Trying to hold it together.

Truly, one perspective isn’t enough. Which leads to Diane — who’s done the big lift of pulling together over 20 experts to help you get the GIFT that’s waiting for you on the other side.

I hadn’t really thought of reinvention much, but it’s been my mojo since I was five,  With plenty of laughs, Diane pulled it out of me. And the others. So join us. You’ll get the perspectives you need from great experts, plus me. Fun included..

  <–  catch me August 21st through 23rd! 

FT’s take, “When faced with high levels of uncertainty, it is time to stop trying to control everything and to start learning how to adapt. We define adaptability as the capacity for internal change in response to external conditions.”

Adapt. Reinvent. Thrive!


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