What Could Dementia Cost You?

What Could Dementia Cost You?

There are many tangible costs associated with dementia… the loss of income (if you are still working), medical costs and the cost of care and support that you may need. But there are additional costs, more dear and emotional costs, to you and your family that are often not immediately thought of.

I’m not referring to the loss of ability to recognize family members or care takers, but the very human costs that you will experience.  For instance, the loss of…

  • Your sense of self
  • Heart connections
  • Legacy

Watch this video to learn more about these costs of dementia and how they impact you and your family.

Losing your sense of self can be very frustrating and often makes you doubt yourself at a very fundamental level.  It is very difficult when you know that the “who you are with dementia” is not the person you are supposed to be, the person you and your family know.

This loss of self often results in anger, frustration, emotional ups and downs with can impact your family, especially young children. Young children often become scared and then don’t want to visit, leading to the loss of heart connections, feelings of isolation and sadness.

The biggest cost to me was the legacy that I intended to leave my children and grandchildren to come. I encourage you to watch the video (simply click on the button above) to learn more about the legacy of love and wisdom that most of us want to leave our family and the personal cost that dementia has on this legacy.

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P.S. If you are starting to realize the costs of dementia to you and your family, click here to apply for a Best Next Move Session. We’ll talk about what you are experiencing and what is the next best step for you and your loved ones.

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