What Makes Dementia Show Up?

What Makes Dementia Show Up?

Are you pre-disposed to dementia? I was and there are lots of people who are!

So what makes dementia show up? There are things that trigger dementia’s expression and the good news is… most of these we have control over!

A very common trigger for dementia are certain foods groups! Watch the video below to learn my easy to remember a formula as well as some foods that are common triggers.  When you know what foods you need to eliminate you can begin to stop the damage!

Here’s a hint… the formula is MSG (but it’s not the MSG you first think of!)

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Learn how to identify your trigger foods so your system stops damaging your own tissues. If you do not have these common foods out of your system, they can create a weakness in the blood-brain barrier. That’s right, we have blood vessels in our brain that nourish our brain. When there is a weakness and more and more brain cells get damaged, it begins to deteriorate our memory and problem solving skills.  That’s when dementia starts!

I’ve found many fun foods to replace these common foods and you will too! Watch this video to learn more about these common foods and how they are triggering dementia to show up in your life and that of your loved ones.

I am committed to providing you with the very best science, the most practical tools so you can prevent dementia.

Remember these common foods are just part of what we do to prevent dementia, it’s not the whole story. When you apply for and schedule a “Best Next Move “ session, we will discuss what’s important specifically for you and your physiology and come up with a plan to help you stop the damage and live you’re the life you are destined for!



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