What’s so Great About Starting the Day “Clean” Anyway?

For your passion and fire to show up, you want to fuel your business and your life with clean fuel, mind, body, heart and soul. But what is that, exactly?

Today’s tip is for your wonderful body, the temple of your soul. Pretend it’s breakfast. Better yet, be thinking about your next breakfast — or another one that’s coming soon.

Start each day with body-must-haves: Healthy proteins and fat.  Add a yummy bit of something green and something to add a touch of zest or sweet, and you’re good to go all morning long!

WHY? These must-haves give you smooth, consistent energy throughout your morning. Organic is best, so start where you are and set and intention to improve as you go. Interestingly, protein and fat are required for life. Carbs aren’t, but they’re super blood-sugar spiking demons. That means they spike and crash your blood sugar, setting you up for mid-morning cravings. Ugh!

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My Magic Bullet, a favorite for mixing up a quick, high-value breakfast that tasted great and lasted all morning.  Yumm!

So what are “healthy proteins and fats”?  Here’s what I mean:

  • Healthy proteins include chicken and fish, preferably of the free-range or wild-caught variety. Legumes, beans or lentils. Select protein powders such as pea protein. Chia and quinoa seeds.
  • Healthy fats include coconut oil, coconut milk, extra-virgin olive oil, nut butters (not peanut).
  • Something green, some spinach, kale, broccoli. Anything dark green is great.
  • Optional for a touch of sweet, are xylitol or stevia! Citrus for zest.

Things to Avoid. The common inflammatories include:

  • Milk products (cow or goat milk), including butter, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, etc. Even if you tolerate milk, for most of us, the casein protein causes bits of damage that build up over time. Yikes.
  • Soy products, including soy powders, oils, beans (edamame), miso, tofu, tempeh, soy sauce, etc
  • Peanuts. Eggs. Corn.
  • And of course, sugar (el diablo!) the super-carb that sets you up for cravings. This cannot help.
    Same for grains. Steer clear of a “dessert for breakfast” whipsaw.

With a clean start to your day, you’ll be happier, healthier and enjoy the focus a steady stream of fuel provides.

Cheers to a Super Morning, all morning!


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