With Daddy in the Garage

With Daddy in the Garage

Lots of dads have a hang-out-at-the-house spot. At our house, it was in the garage.

My happiest hours with my PTSD-dad were there. The place where he was at peace, puttering on yet another car. It was our bonding place.

When I was 15 and learning to drive, and one of those cars was an Austin-Healey Sprite. Together, we’d puttered, repaired, tuned-up and monkey-wrenched that thing into running, and then into running well.

I wanted that car like a starved kid wants dinner.

Partly because I’d invested so much time into it. But mostly for how cool it was. We weren’t a wealthy family, and in my mind, that car would help me stand out at school.

What teen doesn’t want that?

Just before my 16th birthday, he sold it, and part of me was crushed.

And another part of me recognized … he’d probably saved my life.

Thanks, Dad. I still cherish those days in the garage, with you.

Happy Father’s Day,

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