On a Mission

I’ve known conflict.

So much that, young in life, I considered…


In the kitchen.

With the .. 

… well, I’ll spare you the details.

How young? Not yet in the first grade.

The conflict in my life was subterranean.



Did I know how to handle conflict?


PTSD wasn’t then diagnosable, but I’d bet big money my dad-the-military-man suffered it.

We all suffered with him.

Instead of doing the deed, I vowed to do everything in my power to learn, learn, learn … so…

I never had to come back. 

So I could visit when I wanted. On my own terms.

In this, I was wildly successful, but in other ways


Having come further than I’d ever imagined, I’m still a work in progress. 

The conflict in my country, the conflict among us … weighs heavy on my soul.

More sadly, my country is not unique.

I do this work because…

I know I’m not alone…

Conflict isn’t just with others…

It’s within ourselves. Within myself.

Both within others and sometimes with them.

It tears at the fabric of our minds, our souls, our communities.

Robs our homes and countries of the trust that binds us…

For me, in America, where the great promise of our founding ideals are not yet real. Yet to be achieved.

It took years to come to where I am now.

I’ve more to go.

But seeing so much needless suffering, I vowed to make a difference.

My Mission is that your journey through conflict comes quicker, surer. That the life that’s before you is more beautiful and wonderful than any you’ve experienced before.

For YOU. 

For those you LOVE. 

And even those you may currently   hate…

Better is available. Now.

Taming conflict? Big.

Going from conflict to connection? HUGE.

Glad you’re here.

Hope’s ahead. Better’s ahead.

Stick around.